Paper Weight Comparison

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Paper Weight Comparison

The weight of printing paper is an important consideration before you begin your printing job. In order to make sure that the printing is done correctly and is of good quality it is important to understand this concept. In order to make it clearer to you a paper weight comparison should be made. There are many different weights of paper available to you when you are preparing to print something.

The most common type of paper that is used is 20lb or standard weight of printing paper. This is used for most basic printing jobs like printing and copying faxes and general office work. It is generally one of the cheaper types of paper and can also be found on sale. When you make a paper weight comparison with heavier paper you should understand the reason that some papers are made heavier.

A slightly heavier paper weight would be 28 lbs and is often used for business stationary. The heavier or thicker paper will be more impressive and slightly more expensive. This will impress people you correspond with and make a good impression on your business. The better your business looks to a client the more sales you are likely to make and the better your profits will be.

Text paper is in the 60lb range and is stiffer by paper weight comparison to standard paper. It is used for the inside of brochures and cover 60lbs to 200lbs is used for the cover of the brochures. These heavier materials can be used for different purposes and are further examples of how weight of printing paper is important for different jobs.

Business cards can be designed and printed for less when you use 80lb copy paper. This paper will provide the necessary stiffness for the cards so that you do not have to have flimsy cheap looking cards. This will make a good impression on prospective clients. When you design your own cards they will be original and less likely to get trashed. You will also save money when you make your own.

When you do a paper weight comparison you will se that there are a number of options available for your print job. You will now have a better understanding of the weight of printing paper. When you are preparing your print job you can now choose the right type of paper to get the best results. The print shop staff at your local store can often help you select the right weight of paper.

So now you know the difference of different weight or density of printing paper you can go online and try to find the best deals for printing paper supplies. Here you will be able to do price comparisons and often find sales on different weight of printing paper. The Internet is convenient and fast for placing an order. If you have a large order you can often get free shipping as well as a bulk discount for orders over a certain amount..

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