Market Your Services with Leaflets

Leaflet advertising is a very effective way of spreading the word about your business. However, it should not be seen as a holy grail or considered the most supreme form of marketing. It is very cost effective for small businesses who want to use these as a promotional medium within their marketing campaigns. It can also be expensive for small business in case the context requests for sizable leaflets in large quantities and the distribution is non-targeted or poor. Before considering what the leaflet will look like and the styles and pictures that will go into it, you need to plan and research well:


Printing Vinyl Banners

Printing Vinyl Banners

  • What is the appeal that the leaflet will have?
  • What are the dimensions of your leaflet?
  • Things to include in your leaflet
  • Where and how to distribute
  • How many leaflets to print


Targeted and Intelligent Marketing


If you are able to understand the basics mentioned above, you can refine your costs, efforts and returns on investment before calling your designer. This will also help avoid the boxes of unimportant leaflets clogging your office space. It is very important to have a plan in place. The main challenge in the process of leaflet marketing is distribution. Avoid wasting your resources by understanding who your target audience is in terms of their age, ethnicity and sex. You should also learn about where they work, shop, socialize, visit, etc.


Hand out the leaflets in the street. If the target audiences have been found out and identified, how about handing out the leaflets to them? Check with the local authorities about any by laws for the areas in which you are planning to distribute these print materials. Passersby often seem to avoid leaflets. This is why you can screen the people initially and then speak to the candidates at first before handing out the leaflets to them. It is always better to start small. If you are handing out the leaflets on the street, you might want to give their size a consideration.


The size of the credit cards will provide the lowest drop rate as they can be easily fitted into the wallets or pockets of the people. Thick and large leaflets will put off your prospects from taking the leaflets. Posting them out to all your customers will make them feel more interested in what you have to say. You may even place the leaflets inside packaged orders. If you are operating an online shop or post the goods out to customers, you may place one of the leaflets inside a packed order. The same method is applicable for customers who are shopping within the store. You might be keen to produce certain leaflets for the matter such as those identifying the latest sales or discount vouchers towards the next order or a leaflet for increasing the awareness about your products and services further.


You can insert your leaflets into an established daily which is distributed in your targeted area. Local magazines, newsletters and directories can provide you with these services at a certain cost. You may even partner with complimentary businesses so that your leaflets as well as postcards can be distributed. The shops can display at their tills. The till is a common place for finding local advertising, although a number of them do not approve of this method. For this reason, you need to have a favorable relationship with the shop owner and be prepared with incentives.


Controlling the number of your leaflets can maximize your potential and reduce wastage. Do not give the local newsagents huge bundles to distribute. It is best to make smaller bundles and restock, if necessary. By supporting or sponsoring an event such as a village fete, music event, you will be able to negotiate the chance to distribute the leaflets to all those who attend the event by hand to a display table or through hand delivery.


Calculate the Miles and Time Right


If you are required to drive around various locations for distributing the leaflets, take the time out to plan your journey for saving on time and fuel. Make sure you are very clear about the locations that you need to visit in order to avoid wastage of effort and time. Your first trip might be less particular on where you need to visit, but you should always try to note the shops, locations and businesses that have agreed to display the leaflets so that you can be more direct in the future. Time the process of leaflet distribution in phases or coincide with the peak seasons.


If you are advertising an event which calls for early stages of promotion, follow it up with a refresh a week later. Consider your business and industry and locate any time specific needs which you can use. If your leaflets are appropriate for a number of households, you can even go for door to door distribution. Travel to a town located locally and distribute the leaflets through the mailbox. You might even need a lot of leaflets to do this sufficiently and might need to travel a distance for the matter.


A Promotional a Day


If it is possible, you can hold a single promotional for a day at your business precincts, and hand over the leaflets to the passersby and the people who are attending the event. An attendee is a prime candidate anyway as they have already shown an interest in your business, products and services. For this reason you should see a reliable printer with a faster turnaround. They can help you meet your marketing objectives and proceed with your goals. The printers will tell you what sort of printing method they will utilize so as to create the best copy.


The design of the leaflet should be appealing and attractive as that will help in sustaining the interest of the audience. Do not make the leaflet too lengthy as that can put off the customers. Make the copy simple and easy to read. This will generate interest in your business.



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