Die-Cut Cards Can Help Your Advertising Needs

There has never been such a severe need of unique advertising ideas. Companies and corporations are trying to utilize every advertising means at their disposal to help make their services seem better compared to the ones provided by others. Often, in their rush to advertise their products through the established means, these companies miss out on a few useful tricks. For example, die cuts are a better option compared to the traditional business cards.

Die cut cards are based on the traditional cards. These cards have different shapes cut into them using a steel blade called die, which gives them their name. Die cuts are distinct from other cards because of their quirky and interesting shapes. The quirkiness of die cut cards makes them a much more efficacious method than normal printed cards. A cheap die cuts marketing plan will be a more sensible option than the regular cards.

Stand Apart From Your Competitors Using Die Cuts

Most companies tend to print business cards in the well-established shape of a rectangle. These cards only differ from each other in their layout and design. A consumer may receive a number of these cards over the course of a day. These cards are then kept in a secure place and are rarely taken out to be used.

A die cut card, on the other hand, will have a unique shape which instantly makes the person curious about its contents. Even if they are placed with other business cards, they will remain dissimilar due to their unique shapes. When, the person wants to make an acquisition of products, he will pull out the bundle of cards to contact the companies. Your card will catch the attention of the consumer as soon as the stack is taken out.

You can significantly improve the possibilities of selling your products by using an odd shaped business card. Compared to your competitors, you will be in a better position as you will have gone off the beaten path to attract potential customers.

Forge Your Own Identity Using Die Cuts

A business card is meant for giving out the basic information about your company. It can be quite difficult for companies to make a good impression based solely on a good layout of a business card. A die cut business card will show your customers that you are willing to walk the extra mile to satisfy their demands.

A die cut card can have any shape that you want. Each shape will convey a different impression to your clients and customers. A regal shape will be useful to convey a sense of royalty about your business. You can utilize this ability in order to promote the theme of your business. You can choose to create a die cut card in the shape of a steering wheel if you are in the automobile business. A card in the shape of food items will work well for restaurants and cafes. You can even promote specific services by creating unique cards for each one of them.

Guidelines for Printing Die Cut Cards

A die cut cards needs to be designed aesthetically. The design should follow the same basic principles that are applied in the creation of a good business card. Remember, your company will be judged on the basis of your die cut card. A creative and useful die cut card will ensure that customers become interested in buying your commodities.

  • The cutout design of your die cut card should be related to your company’s area of operations. It makes no sense to design your card to look like a flower if you are not a florist. A suitable design will help your clients to instantly link your card to your business.


  • A good quality paper is essential for printing business cards but gain renewed importance in die cut cards. A good strong paper will make your card look good and it will also be more resistant to tears and cuts. A die cut card needs to be strong to withstand the cutting process or else your finished product will be full of unnecessary cuts.
  • Laminating your cards is going to help increase their durability. It will also impart a shine and a glossy feel to your cards making them more attractive.


  • The amount of information you will put on the card will have an effect on the ultimate design of the card. You will need a larger working space if you wish to include a lot of information. Accordingly, your card will have to be made larger to accommodate that information. Using a smaller size to write a lot of data will make your card look cramped and unappealing.
  • A die cut business card cannot be too large. It needs to be of a standard size so that it fits easily into most card holders and wallets. Unwieldy cards are rarely enjoyable enough to carry around and store.


  • Make sure the design of your die cut card is satisfactory. If you try to cut costs by opting for a poor design, your cards will look cheap and shoddy. It does not need to look like a masterpiece. A functional and yet nice design is enough to make your cards be uniquely appealing.
  • You should get your die cut cards manufactured through machines. Your printing agency will be able to tell you what method they use. Machines will help you get cards that have been cut in a homogeneous manner. Moreover they will process your order faster.


Die cut cards can have uses other than acting as business cards. You can use die cut cards to send out invitations or the seasonal greetings. These need to be designed accordingly. Online printing agencies are the best choice when it comes to printing your die cut cards. They are used to handling large volumes of orders which need to be delivered at a short notice. Their rates and customer care services are very satisfactory. Since they use machines, you will not need to worry about the quality of the cuts. Your die cut cards will help you leave your competition biting the dust.



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