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Academic Year


If your business deal with or caters the academic community, then you can consider printing the academic calendars as your promo item. The academic has its own set of activities and the yearly cycle which the students, their parents who work at the academic follows. Each school follows a schedule which you can use in general instead of being specific with the date. The school starts in September and ends in June. It follows the holidays which are set by the government.


Other Calendars

There are other calendar options which depend on demographic. The lunar calendars are very popular than you may think. The Chinese wait for the full moon in order to declare their New Year celebration. There are a lot of people who consult the movement of the stars in order to determine their luck. You can also notice that there are calendars which readily give out information of the phases of the new moon and the rise and the fall of tides.


Various different religions follow various calendars. Though they subscribe the Roman calendar, it’s worthwhile to note that the religions of the World, like Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and others have their own festivals and holidays that you can include in your calendar. Calendar printing seems like the standard marketing material. If you want to leave your competition to others, you have to point out to your clients that you have unique calendar printing of their needs.


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