Benefits of Having Own Business Card Printing Machine



There are several advantages of owning your business card printing machine which can be considerable for small, medium and large company. If you have ownership of these devices, then they can be especially beneficial for a business which employs large number of staff and receives many visitors to its premises.


The business cards are used since 17th century. At this time, the French employed these as the visiting cards. These are used among the aristocracy in order to confirm status in England. The first trade cards appeared bearing advertising and the maps. Without the card printing machine, the business cards are produced by using letterpress techniques or woodcut but this don’t prevent in increasing of their popularity. The visiting cards are usually favored by the French, later it became the modern greetings card.


In US, the calling cards or visiting cards and those which are devoted to trading and are in widespread use by 19th century though without the benefit of the simple and quick production facilities offered by the modern business card printing machine.


Online Service Providers

Thus, convenience and speed is the hallmark of the compact and powerful units. These are very simple to operate and versatile in their capabilities. These are employed by the professional print shops by the online service providers and are now purchased in significant numbers by variety of businesses who have embraced several benefits of producing their business cards in-house.


Apart from the fact that these are inexpensive, these units can be adapted easily in order to handle a single print or hundreds. The business card printing machines are often designed to print on the surfaces other the plastic or the card. These printing machines are now widely used for a various purposes which exceed the original ideas of advertising.


The access control has become a very common application for the printed plastic card which is the simplest form which may carry a photograph of the holder and if recognized by the reading device, then it will unlock the door or release the turnstile in order to admit the card holder.


Quality Printing Machine

The quality printing machine is designed in order to interface with the PC and a software package. The software can assist the operator in order to create the design templates for several cards or to make available a selection of  the prepared templates for those who are less creative.


There are different accessories in order to extend functionality like the ability to embed encoded data on a chip or the magnetic stripe. Demand for the business cards for is increasing now, prompting several companies in order to invest in the business card printing machines.


Laminated Business Cards

The well-presented laminated business cards will help you as the owner of the business in order to create a favorable first impression. A poor quality business card will reflect badly on your business image so you need to select a print supplier with a very good service on offer.


Quality Laminated Cards

The price of laminated business cards will differ amongst the online print suppliers. The majority of the print suppliers will offer a design to your own service whereby the onus is placed on the purchaser in order to spot and choose a relevant design, complete the other card details and upload a logo before proceeding to the checkout, before contact has been made. This will suit the particular business types like the mobile hairdressing profession, electricians, cabbies etc. where the quality image was not so important to garner work. A neatly presented business card is often required in many cases.


A small to medium enterprise will have to create a recognizable quality brand which can be produced in order to cover all the company marketing materials. In these examples, color and brand consistency across the full range of business stationery is more important to preserve the image of the company. The laminated business cards is the first step to switch from the plain color or two color business card, to something which smacks of the quality design.


How the laminated business cards are produced?

It’s produced by using 2 sheets of laminate enclosing the plain card front and back. The laminated cards differ from the plastic pouch which is often used with the office laminating machine, which uses a thicker laminate. The quality card lamination is measured in the microns and is invisible to the eye and the main way to test if the business card is laminated by attempting to rip one in half.


The gloss lamination and the matt lamination are the main process offered by suppliers, depending on the design requirement. Some of the people select to laminate one side only, and leave the other side of the business card plain, but the normal process is to have both the sides laminated. Whatever you may hear, it’s a fallacy which the laminated cards are a problem to write on, just grab and try it.


If you want the business cards to be beneficial for certain users, you need to add names on the membership cards. The laminated cards are nicer than the plain non-laminated version. Another bonus is the laminate process which helps to enhance design and color, due to its reflectivity.


Are all the suppliers laminated business cards similar or do they differ? The laminated cards can be quite different. If you see the prices for the laminated cards which seem too good, then it’s possible for the supplier which can be used as a thin card, often not thicker than paper and then laminated with the thick and cheaper laminate which feels different. At the very least, select a supplier that’s use 350gsm card, but 400gsm card which will give quality results. Where a good quality card which has been used, a very thin laminate process will compliment it in a perfect way.


Reason of Laminating Business Cards

You need to overcome the hurdles in your business. For example, a plain business card without the laminate with the contact details uses the minimal ink in the process. This will never cause any problem for the supplier with the job of getting the business card produced.

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