Everything you should know about color copies

If you have been thinking of an efficient way of giving more attractiveness to your marketing strategy, the answer is – color copies! Color copies are the best solution when one is looking for the best way of promoting its business, no matter if we are talking about a small or a large business. But making efficient color copies is not as easy as you might be thinking, as there are a lot of factors that will have to be considered, so that the final result gives a promotional material of your needs. The first thing that should be taken into consideration when planning color copies is – what you are expecting from them to do for your business.

One of the easiest ways of starting a marketing campaign is with the help of copies. Now copies can be made at local or at online print companies, so this is the first thing that should be kept on mind. The most important thing to be taken into consideration is the color copies prices. However, dont think right away that the price determines right away the quality of one print material. Different print companies will have different prices, but this means that the quality of print materials obtained at one print store will not be the same as the quality obtained at another print store. And even though the most affordable prices are important, they should never be put in front of the quality of one promotional material.

The deal with the cheap color copies

As mentioned earlier, each print store will have its own rates, and this is exactly what you will be probably asking for when you enter one print store – how much are color copies. The thing is that this answer will be given at some print stores right away, but most of them will have their prices calculated based on the number of copies you need, quality of paper, and other important details that will all affect the final pricing of one such print material.

Except for color copies, there are as well black and white copies. They have their own purpose as well. And even though color copies cost more than black and white copies the difference is not that huge. But when talking about promotional material one thing is for sure – the more attractive and colorful your color copies are, the more they can attract new clients and customers.

And you will have to agree that everything looks much better on a colored copy paper. Color copy paper is available in different sizes, so based on your needs you can decide whether you need a A4 classic color copy printed, or you prefer a poster sized promotional material. Copies in color have to be eye catching when trying to present your company in the nbest possible light, however this is not the only thing that is important. The most important thing when it comes to color copies as a promotional material is the actual design of the color copy items.

Some of the cheapest color copies are available right at online print stores, and they should be looked there right away from the beginning. The cost of color copies at local print stores is sometimes not coordinated in a relation to the quality, and you already know that at online print companies the quality will be on the first place.

From the other side, you can opt for black and white copies if your marketing campaign will be based only on involving text messages on your copies. Text prints don’t have that necessity to be printed in color like for example pictures/images have.

Color copies printing can be used for formal and informal purposes. No matter for which situation you will be using them for, the thing is that people prefer looking at something colorful than colorless. This is why full color prints can spice up any marketing campaign especially if done in the right way.

Luckily, today color printing is very affordable. Affordable prices are offered by local printers, but the truth is that more and more individuals and businesses are turning to online print companies which except for having competitive prices, can have the print process done much faster, and this is what is important for a today´s businessman who doesn’t have a lot of free time. With the creation of internet which made our lives much easier, online print companies became the best solution for any printing projects. Why online printers are the best solution for your color copies and other print material? Simply because you can do everything right from your home in just a couple of simple clicks.

Cheap Color Copies

Cheap Color Copies

Of course, you can opt for printing your color copies on your home printer but this is not very cost effective especially when you are in a need of bulk copies. When making just a couple of copies then home printing can be a good solution. But for bulk printing, especially when you take into consideration the cost of papers, ink and machine itself, online printers are the best solution.

The average cost of color copies is one of the factors that is the most important point of interest of a individual or businessmen looking to make such promotional material. There are different factors that can determine the final cost of color copies, but most importantly, making copies at a local print store and at a online print store doesn’t have to do anything one with another. The differences between the two services are huge and this is something that will be discussed in a bit. In the meanwhile it is also important to mention that cheap color copies can be made on a home printer as well, but you should know that this will be the most expensive option you will have especially when it comes to bulk printing.

Most of the print stores will not have their prices of print service displayed publicly, for several reasons. This is of course when it comes to local print stores. When trying to check out the same information at a online print store, you can just simply simulate one order and see how much it would cost in reality. This is the information that one online printer can display within just a couple of seconds after you choose all the necessary details. Here are the factors based on which will be calculated the price of color copies:

  • Number of copies
  • Quality of the paper
  • Size of paper

As we are talking about color copies printing, it is also important to mention the services of Kinko’s color copies. Kinko´s belongs to FedEx, and is actually a web tool which allows you to make an order for color copies, pay for it, and then just simply pick it up in one of the Kinko´s service centers in your neighborhood. Usually, they offer a very fast service, and copies are done within a day. How much are color copies at kinkos can easily be checked online where you will also be able to find out whether they have some discounts or promotional prices. Also, we can easily say that thanks to this web tool, you can easily get high quality and cheap color copies in no time.

When one is in a need of bulk color copies, the best thing you can do is to carefully shop around and check the prices of different print stores. Sometimes you will run onto discount prices or some similar good offers and therefore save a lot of money. However, as stated already by many small and large businesses as well as individuals, the best places to have your color copies and other promotional material done is with the help of online printers. Why online printers have become so popular lately? It is because of their high quality service and the fact that their print rates are very affordable. So, looking globally, the majority of online printers really have unbeatable prices for their print services including color copies. This stands correct especially when making bulk orders because the more orders you make, the lower the price will be.

So, if with all the above we managed to convince you that you can have your color copies done very cheap by online print stores, here are some things that you should take into consideration when placing your first order. First of all, make sure to choose the correct size and type of paper needed for your color copies. You can have then done in just about any size. However, when we are talking about promotional material, there is one rule that says – the bigger the better!

No matter if you have a small or a large company, when looking for some of the best color copies cheap solutions, nothing beats online print stores. The truth is that they offer the best color copy cost.

Different print companies offer different services. So this is one more thing that should be taken into consideration when placing orders for your color copies. For example, some print companies will have same day printing services which is a very good solution in case that you need to make some prints very urgently. Of course that same day printing cost much more than when choosing for a standard delivery time, but in some situations this can be a necessity. Except for that, most of the print companies have next day print solutions which can be as well a choice in the last moment.

As mentioned earlier, when talking about print materials, what matters the most is to determine the final color copies cost. This is of a great importance for small businesses that cannot afford investing into very expensive promotional materials and other similar print material. So, for this reason we can easily say that cheap color copies are possible to be made while at the same time maintaining the quality of the same. When we talk about cheap color copies, probably a lot of people associate them right away with material that is not of quality. This is not the truth though as a lot of online print companies offer very affordable color copies printing services. All that you have to do in order to find then best company for your needs is to make a small research.

How color copies are made is very simple – on a color copy machine. These machines can be seen in office, as a part of most essential office equipment. They are very simple to be used, and a lot of people even have copy machines at their homes. Thanks to the improvements in technique, such items have become very affordable nowadays.

Color copies related to businesses have a lot of benefits. They are able to attract the attention of possible clients, they have the ability to improve sales, and are easily one of the most used and most popular marketing strategies nowadays.

Color copies, or in other words – color flyers, are a key to a successful and efficient marketing campaign. Saying this, it is important to note that not all 55print color flyers are the same. They all have their purpose, and therefore you can make one that will be used for promotion of one specific product or you can rather make a flyer with which you will be able to promote entire line of products, etc. The options are endless when it comes to color copies printing.

How successful color copies should look like:

  • They should be informative
  • They should go straight to the point which means – no too much text
  • They should include attractive images
  • They should be eye catching but no very tacky

With the help of right color copies, you will definitely be able to reach out to the right audience for your business.

Of course, we have been talking a lot about color copies here, but we didn’t mention a lot black and white copies which as well have their purpose and use. There were a lot of situations when black and white copies have been used in a marketing campaign and showed as much success as full color copies. The secret, when creating promotional material, is in design. If you know how to use the design in your favor, you will be able to create very powerful black and white copies which will attract thousands of new clients. Being inventive and unique is the key to success.

In conclusion, for anyone that is looking for a affordable way of spreading out the word about their business, services or products, the best way is finding the solution in color copies printing. First of all, it is cheap, it is efficient and gives very good result in a short period of time. After all, color copies printing are really that “IT” in the word print which makes any promotional strategy unique and professional looking.


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